Sopressata Salami

Originally created over two centuries ago, Sopressata is the "Original" Italian Salami. At Filicetti, we still carefully select only the freshest cuts of pork, then blend them together with selected seasonings to bring out the meat's true, natural flavour.

Cooked Capicollo

Filicetti selects prime lean pork shoulder butts. The meat is then cured with fresh, natural spices and slowly oven-roasted to bring out its best.


Lean Italian-style bacon. Pancetta is created from choice cuts of meat which are specially seasoned and cured to produce a distinctive, mouth-watering taste. It is delicious on its own, but is also widely used in cooking to enhance the flavours of other fine foods.

Dry Sausage

Each and every region of Italy has traditionally produced its own unique style of delicious dry sausage. The ones we make at Filicetti have had their recipes handed down through many generations.

Casalingo Salami

Our homemade-style Casalingo Salami is made from high quality, fresh cuts of pork and the finest spices and seasonings available.

Calabrese Salami

Our zesty, hot Calabrese Salami is prepared using classic, time-honoured methods. Selected meat cuts are carefully blended with aromatic spices and slowly air-cured to the peak of perfection.


Extra lean pork is first blended with spices then carefully air-dried to produce a subtle taste that is truly unique.

Genoa Salami

Created from choice, lean, finely ground cuts of pork, Filicetti's classic Genoa Salami conjures up memories of Northern Italy where it originated hundreds of years ago.


Filicetti's version of classic Italian-style, skinless boneless Prosciutto is carefully selected and formed by hand, then slowly air-cured and aged to perfection in accordance with traditional old world procedures.


Commonly called Coppa in Northern Italy, Filicetti's Dry Cured mild and hot Capicollo are still made in the traditional Italian manner. Created from the leanest, freshest pork shoulder butts available, they are guaranteed to please the most discriminating gourmet palates.


Similar in appearance to Capicollo, Filicetti's Prosciuttino is non-the-less in a class by itself. Lean pork shoulder butts are distinctively seasoned with spices and air-cured for incomparable taste.